Crazy dress up

Energiser / Warm up, Icebreaker

Support creativity

Creativity / create

Up to 30 min

6-15 persons, 16 – 30 persons, More than 30 persons




The idea is to wear as many accessories as kids can find within three minutes. There are no limitations on what you can or cannot wear. A lampshade can be a hat, a towel can be a cape, get creative, and make a silly outfit!

Necessary tools (what you need)

  • Pick a videoconferencing tool of your choice.
  • Timer


  1. Set a timer for 1 minute and start!
  2. Everyone scrambles to find possible accessories and puts them on
  3. When the timer stops, have your students count the number of accessories they’re wearing
  4. The person with the most accessories wins!

Tips & Tricks

  • This activity is meant to be silly and energetic. Encourage pupils to think outside the box. They’re sure to have a blast if they get into it!
  • assign a theme, “like dress like a robot,” and determine, “who wore it best.”
  • Assign fake bonus points for the most creative outfit.

The exercise is successfully completed when? Conclusion?