Sticky notes artist

Energiser / Warm up, Icebreaker

Support creativity

Creativity / create

Up to 15 min




Sticky Note Artist is a simple yet effective energizer where students use their creativity to cluster sticky notes into specific shapes. Create a dinosaur, make a spaceship, whatever it is, be quick, and get creative.

Necessary tools (what you need)

  • Pick a videoconferencing tool of your choice.
  • Online whiteboard.


  1. Make sure everyone knows how to use the digital whiteboard. Take some time to explore the software you chose so you can give your students clear instructions on how to pace sticky notes on the board
  2. Decide whether the students are working independently or together in small groups
  3. We recommend to structure it by creating a designated area in the digital whiteboard for every student or group. This area can be as simple as a white rectangle shape. Add their names to it so the kids will know where to draw.
  4. Assign a simple prompt (objects & animals work well.)
  5. Set the timer for 2 minutes, and go!
  6. Everyone has to cluster sticky notes to create the prompted shape.
  7. Time’s up! Take a look at everyone’s creating, and allow kids to explain their sticky-note art

Tips & Tricks

  • Increase difficulty for an added challenge by prompting an action, phrase, or specific person or character.

The exercise is successfully completed when? Conclusion?