What are you doing?

Energiser / Warm up, Fun

Intragroup openness, Team – building

Creativity / create, Improvisation game

Up to 15 min, Up to 30 min

6-15 persons, 16 – 30 persons, More than 30 persons




This is a simple drama game in which participants take turns asking each other “What are you doing?” and acting out the various responses. Though simple, it engages the imagination and gently challenges participants out of their comfort zone by having them mime a range of different actions.

Necessary tools (what you need)

  • Video conference tool of your choice and availability that allows you to do the video conferencing.


  1. Explain the rules of the game and invite someone from the group to go first. If no one volunteers, it is the facilitator’s job to go first! Ensure that everyone is on webcam and ready to participate.
  2. The first person begins miming an action (e.g. brushing hair, frying an egg, playing a power ballad on guitar). They continue until another member of the group raises their hand and guesses what action they are doing.
  3. When someone correctly guesses the action or comes close, they then begin to mime a new action. Continue until most or all members have had a chance to mime out an action. Encourage participants to be creative with the actions.

Tips & Tricks

  • Before choosing the activity, make sure that all of the participants have a web camera available.

The exercise is successfully completed when? Conclusion?